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QUESTION:What is silk screen printing?

ANSWER: A silk screen is a silk mesh pulled tight over a metal or wood frame. It is exposed to UV light which "burns" your image into the screen. Once the image is ready, the screen(s) are mounted and registered (each screen represents 1 color and must be lined up). We then add the right ink for the job, and use a squeegee to "push" the ink through the mesh onto the item being printed. This is a very versatile method and can be used for many different applications. Setting up the job is always the most time-consuming process. This is why we offer discounts for larger quantity orders. We always recommend ordering as many as you can to start saving on the price per piece.


Question: I have a photo of my family I would like printed on a shirt. Can you do that?

Answer: Yes! We can do full color, photo style prints called a 4-color process. This process works on white shirts only, but we can also reduce your photo to a single color (usually black or white) using half-tones and print on any color shirt. This is great for memorial or family reunion shirts, or just to wear around your favorite photo!

Question: I wanted something extra special to make my design "pop". What would you recommend?

Answer: We have a huge variety of inks, and we can mix any color. Try metallic ink, which has a shimmering effect, or metallic foil, which has a reflective quality. We can also do fluorescents and even glow-in-the-dark! Try our heat press vinyl, which comes in glitters and metallics as well.

With over 30 years of experience screen printing, we ARE the experts. We have no minimum order requirements, like other printers, and really fast turn around times. We can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right garment, to printing the design of your dreams. There's almost nothing we can't print. See below for pictures of work we've done and frequently asked questions.

Question:How does Loudly Stated price screen printing jobs?

Answer: Pricing is based on quantity of items per design that you need printed, the number of sides, or places, where a design will be printed on the item, and the number of colors involved. Before placing your order, decide where you want your design(s) and count the colors per side. If you want black and blue on the front left breast of a shirt, for instance, and the back of the shirt will be black, blue, red, and purple, then you have 2 sides, one with 2 colors and one with 4 colors. Please keep in mind that there are separate charges for artwork and set-up. Sleeves and infant and toddler sizes have additional fees.

Question: I need my order in 2 days! Can you do that?

Answer: Yes! We ask that you try to give us at least 10 business days to complete your order, however, if time is a problem, we will do rush orders. Charges for a rush on your order are dependent on the work load and are 30% of the subtotal. However, we do play fair, and if we have the time, we can do 2-3 day orders without a rush charge. Please call us if you would like more details.

Question:Do you provide shirts and hats or do I have to bring my own?

Answer: Yes we do! We have a wide selection of shirts and polos, hats, jerseys and sports uniforms, professional wear, and so much more. Our prices are better than retail. Tell us what you need and we'll find it for you. Basic, white T-shirts start at $3.00. We can get shirts as quickly as the next day, so there's no delay in your order being processed. We have no minimum quantity required!